Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000

Provision of modified works.

104.—(1) A designated body may—

(a) make a copy of a work for the purpose of modifying that copy to meet the special needs of a person who has a physical or mental disability, and

(b) supply that modified copy to that person,

without infringing the copyright in that work.

(2) Where a copy which would otherwise be an infringing copy is made under this section, but is subsequently sold, rented or lent, or offered or exposed for sale, rental or loan, or otherwise made available to the public, it shall be treated as an infringing copy for those purposes and for all subsequent purposes.

(3) In this section, “designated body” means a body designated for the purposes of this section by order of the Minister who shall not designate a body unless he or she is satisfied that the body is not established or conducted for profit.