Harbours (Amendment) Act, 2000

Amendment of section 2 (interpretation) of Harbours Act, 1996.

2.Section 2 of the Harbours Act, 1996 , is amended—

(a) in subsection (1)—

(i) by the substitution of the following for the interpretations given to “company” and “company's harbour”:

“‘company’ means a company referred to in section 7 and, where the context so admits, a new company;

‘company's harbour’ shall be construed in accordance with sections 7(3) and 43(5);”,


(ii) by the insertion of the following after the definition of “the Minister”:

“‘new company’ means a transferee company (within the meaning of section 43) to which an order under section 43(3)(a) relates;”,


(b) in subsection (3), by the insertion in paragraph (a) of “, subject to section 19(4),” after “relevant vesting day shall” and the said paragraph as so amended is set out in the Table to this section.


(a) A reference in this Act to a relevant vesting day shall, subject to section 19(4), be construed as a reference to the day appointed under section 7(2) in relation to the particular company to which the provision or provisions of this Act containing that reference falls or fall to be supplied (whether or not any such provision falls to be applied to any other company or companies).