National Beef Assurance Scheme Act, 2000

Movement permit.

22.—(1) An authorised officer may issue a permit for the purposes of this Act authorising such movement as may be specified in the permit of animals, carcases, meat or feedingstuffs specified in the permit and may attach to the permit any conditions that the authorised officer considers appropriate.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), the conditions referred to in that subsection may include conditions as to the destination of the movement and conditions to be fulfilled after the movement has been effected.

(3) An authorised officer may at any time amend or revoke in writing a movement permit issued by him or her under subsection (1).

(4) A person who fails to comply with a permit issued under subsection (1) or the conditions attached to such a permit, shall be guilty of an offence.