National Beef Assurance Scheme Act, 2000

Computerised cattle movement monitoring system.

21.—(1) A keeper, other than a transporter of animals, shall notify the Minister of the movement of animals to or from his or her holding or premises.

(2) The information notified under subsection (1) shall be entered on the CMMS database.

(3) The Minister may establish procedures for access to the CMMS database and the register of certificates of approval, having regard to the rights of individuals and undertakings.

(4) The Minister may make regulations providing for the following:

(a) the form and time requirements for notifications under subsection (1);

(b) the use of the CMMS database to identify and trace animals which are intended to be slaughtered or exported for human consumption.

(5) A person who contravenes subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence.