Merchant Shipping (Investigation of Marine Casualties) Act, 2000

Reports of Findings of Investigation

Publication of report.

34.—(1) The Board shall publish a report of an investigation into a marine casualty in such form as it thinks appropriate and shall immediately transmit a copy to the Minister.

(2) The Board shall endeavour to publish the report within 9 months after the notification of the marine casualty under section 23 .

(3) Where it appears to the Board that it would not be possible or appropriate in the circumstances to publish the report within the 9 month period, it shall, within that period, give to the Minister its reasons as to why the report cannot be published within the period and indicate the estimated period within which it expects the report will be published.

(4) The Board may, at any time during an estimated period indicated by it under subsection (3), publish one or more interim reports of the investigation.

(5) Sections 35 and 36 shall apply to an interim report in the same way as they apply to a report under subsection (1).