Merchant Shipping (Investigation of Marine Casualties) Act, 2000


26.—(1) Where the Board considers that an investigation is warranted and feasible, it may investigate—

(a) a marine casualty, or

(b) after consultation with the Minister, the nature and cause of any accident or damage which any vessel has sustained or caused, or is alleged to have sustained or caused, which, if the vessel had been an Irish registered vessel, would be a marine casualty.

(2) The Board may appoint any person engaged in accordance with section 16 (1) who, in the opinion of the Board, is suitably qualified to undertake or assist in the undertaking of the investigation of marine casualties, to investigate and report back to the Board, or assist in the investigation, of one or more than one marine casualty on behalf of the Board.

(3) The Board shall issue to a person appointed under subsection (2)a warrant of his or her appointment and the person shall, on demand by any person affected by the investigation, show the warrant to that person.

(4) A person who obstructs, impedes or improperly influences, or attempts to obstruct, or impede or improperly to influence, an investigation shall be guilty of an offence.