Merchant Shipping (Investigation of Marine Casualties) Act, 2000


Marine Casualty Investigation Board

Sections 7 (2).

(1) The Board shall be a body corporate with perpectual succession and an official seal and power to sue and be sued in its corporate name and, with the consent of the Minister, to acquire, hold and dispose of land or any other property.

(2) The Board shall, as soon as practicable after its establishment, provide itself with a seal.

(3) The seal of the Board shall be authenticated by the signature of the Chairperson or of some other member of the Board authorised by the Board to act in that behalf.

(4) Judicial notice shall be taken of the seal of the Board and every document purporting to be an instrument made by the Board and to be sealed with the seal (purporting to be authenticated in accordance with paragraph (3)) of the Board shall be received in evidence and be deemed to be such instrument without proof, unless the contrary is shown.

(5) The Minister may fix the date, time and place of the first meeting of the Board.