Electricity Regulation Act, 1999

Eligible customers.

27.—(1) The Commission, with the consent of the Minister, may prescribe the means by which the consumption of electricity is estimated and calculated for the purpose of this section and references in this section to calculation or estimation of electricity consumption shall be references to calculations or estimates made under those regulations.

(2) A consumer of electricity whose consumption of electricity at any single premises in any 12 month period is estimated and calculated to be or likely to be greater than 4 Giga Watt hours shall be deemed to be an eligible customer at that premises for the purposes of this Act.

(3) Subject to subsection (4), the Minister may be order vary the figure of 4 Giga Watt hours referred to in subsection (2).

(4) The Minister shall give notice of his or her intention to make an order under subsection (3) or (5) by publishing it in a newspaper circulating in the State at least 28 days before the making of the order.

(5) The Minister may by order amend or revoke an order made under subsection (3) including an order made under this subsection.

(6) Where an order is proposed to be made under this section, a draft of the order shall be laid before each House of the Oireachtas and the order shall not be made until a resolution approving of the draft has been passed by each such House.