Electricity Regulation Act, 1999

Orders specifying criteria for considering applications for authorisations.

18.—(1) The Minister shall specify by order the criteria in accordance with which an application for an authorisation may be determined by the Commission.

(2) The criteria specified by the Minister under subsection (1) may relate to—

(a) the safety and security of the electricity system, electric plant and domestic lines,

(b) the protection of the environment including the limitation of emissions to the atmosphere, water or land,

(c) the siting of a generating station and associated land use,

(d) the efficient use of energy,

(e) the nature of the primary source of energy to be used by a generating station,

(f) the qualifications of an applicant, including the technical and financial qualifications of the applicant, and

(g) public service obligations provided for in an order under section 39 .

(3) The Minister may by order amend or revoke an order under this section including an order made under this subsection.

(4) An order under subsection (3) shall not be made unless a notice of intention to make such an order is published in a daily newspaper published and circulating in the State at least one month before the making of the order.

(5) A copy of the draft order proposed to be made under subsection (3) shall, on payment of the prescribed fee, if any, be given by the Minister to any person who requests it, and the notice of intention published under subsection (4) shall state that such a copy may be so obtained.

(6) An order under this section shall not provide for the use of nuclear fission for the generation of electricity.