Minerals Development Act, 1999

Transfer of right to compensation.

3.—(1) A conveyance of any estate or interest in minerals made on or after the passing of this Act shall operate to vest in the person to whom the estate or interest is conveyed (“the transferee”) any right to compensation referred to in Part III of the Act of 1979 that is vested in the person making the conveyance (“the transferor”) and which relates to that estate or interest.

(2) Where on the date that a right referred to in subsection (1) is vested in the transferee, any step or proceeding by the transferor under the Act of 1979 for the purpose of claiming the compensation concerned remains to be completed, that step or proceeding may be carried on or completed on or after that date by the transferee, and, accordingly—

(a) any compensation payable on foot of that claim shall be paid to the transferee, and

(b) in any proceedings pending in any court in respect of that claim the name of the transferee shall be substituted for that of the transferor and the proceedings shall not abate by reason of such substitution.