Finance Act, 1999

Rates lower than standard rates.

97.—(1) Where a mineral oil product is liable to mineral oil tax at a rate lower than the appropriate standard rate, such lower rate may, subject to section 98 be applied by the Commissioners by means of remission or repayment of the difference between the standard rate and the lower rate concerned or, where the rate at which mineral oil tax was previously paid was lower than the standard rate, the difference between that rate and the lower rate at which the product is liable.

(2) The standard rate in relation to light oils means the appropriate rate for petrol and in relation to any other mineral oil product means the rate for that product when it is used as a propellant.

(3) The application of a rate lower than the standard rate concerned may be subject to the Commissioners being satisfied as to the intended or actual use of the oil concerned and to such other conditions as they may impose and to compliance with such conditions.