National Disability Authority Act, 1999

Meetings of Authority.

23.—(1) The Authority shall hold such and so many meetings as may be necessary for the performance of its functions but shall hold at least one meeting in each quarter of the calendar year.

(2) The Minister may fix the date, time and place of the first meeting of the Authority.

(3) The quorum for a meeting of the Authority shall be 14 or such other number (not being less than 11) as the Authority may from time to time determine.

(4) The chairperson of the Authority shall chair any meetings of the Authority except in the case that the chairperson is not present or such office is vacant in which case the members who are present shall choose one of their number to chair the meeting.

(5) At meetings of the Authority, the chairperson of the Authority and each ordinary member present shall have one vote.

(6) Where a vote is taken to determine a question at a meeting of the Authority, it shall be determined by a majority of votes, the chairperson or other member chairing the meeting having a casting vote in the case of an equal division.