S.I. No. 464/1998 - Statistics (Service Inquiries) Order, 1998.

I, Seamus Brennan, Minister of State at the Department of the Taoiseach, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by section 25 (1) of the Statistics Act, 1993 (No. 21 of 1993), and the Statistics (Delegation of Ministerial Functions) Order, 1997 ( S.I. No. 327 of 1997 ), hereby order as follows:

1. This Order may be cited as the Statistics (Service Inquiries) Order 1998.

2. This Order applies to an undertaking engaged in the provision of any one or more of the services specified in the First Schedule to this Order.

3. (1) An undertaking to which this Order applies shall provide the Office with the information specified in the Second Schedule to this Order in statistical form pursuant to surveys (the first of which shall be the year 1998 and the last of which shall be in the year 2002) undertaken by the Office at intervals of not more than 12 months, and shall be so provided in accordance with directions under section 26 of the Statistics Act, 1993 (No. 21 of 1993).

(2) The information referred to in paragraph (1) of this Article shall relate to the year immediately preceding that in which the relevant survey is undertaken, save that in the case of employment matters, the information referred to in the said paragraph shall relate to both the year in which the relevant survey is undertaken and the year immediately preceding that year.



1. Distributive trade services, that is to say, retail and wholesale trade services,

2. Non-distributive services, including personal, recreational, transport, financial and business services.



1. General description of the business activity,

2. Particulars of the main categories of goods and services provided by the undertaking,

3. Particulars of the accounting year covered by the return,

4. Particulars of the turnover of the undertaking,

5. Particulars of indirect taxes paid or payable by the undertaking,

6. Particulars of stock levels of the undertaking,

7. Particulars of the capital assets of the undertaking and charges thereto,

8. Particulars of the purchases of goods and services by the undertaking,

9. Particulars of the wages and salaries and other labour costs of the undertaking,

10. Particulars of the persons engaged in the undertaking,

11. Particulars of the numbers of subsidiaries, branches and outlets of the undertaking in the State,

12. Particulars of the legal form by which the business is organised,

13. Particulars of investment in the business, together with details of gross margin of the activity, and

14. Particulars of imports and exports by the undertaking.

 Given under my hand this 3rd day of Dec 1998

 Seamus Brennan Minister of State at the Department of the Taoiseach