Education Act, 1998

Education support centres.

37.—(1) In this section “education support centre” means a place in which services are provided for schools, teachers, parents, boards and other relevant persons which support them in carrying out their functions in respect of the provision of education which is recognised for that purpose by the Minister in accordance with subsection (2).

(2) The Minister may recognise a place as an education support centre and where the Minister so recognises a place he or she shall cause the name and address of that centre to be entered in a register maintained by the Minister and available for inspection by members of the public during normal working hours.

(3) An education support centre shall have a management committee, to manage the business and staff of that centre.

(4) A committee established in accordance with subsection (3) shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession and with power to sue and may be sued in its corporate name and no action shall lie against a member of a board in respect of anything done by that member in good faith and in pursuance of their functions as such members.

(5) The Minister may withdraw recognition from an education support centre.

(6) The Minister may, from time to time, make regulations relating to all or any of the following matters:

(a) procedures for the appointment of management committees;

(b) the appointment and remuneration of staff;

(c) the making of grants to education support centres;

(d) the provision of information to the Minister on any matter relating to the operation of education support centres;

(e) access to an education support centre and to the financial and other records of that education support centre by persons appointed by the Minister, and

(f) such other matters relating to the operation of such centres as the Minister considers appropriate.