Education Act, 1998


33.—The Minister, following consultation with patrons, national associations of parents, recognised school management organisations and recognised trade unions and staff associations representing teachers, may make regulations for the purpose of giving effect to this Act and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Minister may make regulations relating to all or any of the following matters:

(a) the recognition of schools and the withdrawal of recognition from schools;

(b) the making of grants by the Minister to schools and centres for education;

(c) the appointment and qualifications of persons who are to be employed as teachers in schools or centres for education;

(d) the inspection of schools;

(e) the building, maintenance and equipment of schools;

(f) the length of the school year, school week and school day;

(g) admission of students to schools;

(h) access to schools by school attendance officers and other persons;

(i) access to schools and centres for education by students with disabilities or who have other special educational needs, including matters relating to reasonable accommodation and technical aid and equipment for such students;

(j) procedures for the promotion of effective liaison and co-operation by schools and centres for education with—

(i) other schools and centres for education,

(ii) local authorities (within the meaning of the Local Government Act, 1941 ),

(iii) health boards (within the meaning of the Health Act, 1970 ), and

(iv) voluntary and other bodies which have a special interest in education, in particular, education of students with special educational needs;

(k) appeals, and

(l) the curriculum of schools.