Electoral (Amendment) Act, 1998

Addition of new section to Act of 1997.

7.—The Act of 1997 is hereby amended by the insertion of the following section after section 24:

“Prohibition on acceptance of donations in certain circumstances.

24A.—(1) This section applies to a person who—

(a) is a candidate of a political party at a Dáil, Seanad, European or local election,

(b) is a member of a political party and is—

(i) a member of either House of the Oireachtas,

(ii) a member of a local authority, or

(iii) a representative in the European Parliament, or

(c) is any other officer, member or agent of a political party or of any branch or subsidiary organisation thereof.

(2) A person to whom this section applies shall not accept a donation if he or she knows or has reason to believe that the person proffering the donation—

(a) will, as a result of that donation and another donation, be required to furnish a written statement under section 24(1A) that includes the value of the donation being proffered, and

(b) does not intend to comply with that requirement.

(3) Where, notwithstanding subsection (2), a donation is made to a person who is prohibited by that subsection from accepting the donation, he or she shall, within 14 days after receiving the donation—

(a) notify the Public Offices Commission in writing of its receipt and of the name and address of the donor, and

(b) remit the donation or its value to that Commission.

(4) The Public Offices Commission shall—

(a) cause a copy of each notification received under subsection (3) to be laid before each House of the Oireachtas, and

(b) dispose of all moneys, property or goods received under that subsection in such manner as may be directed by the Minister for Finance.”.