Investor Compensation Act, 1998

Information to investors and advertising.

38.—(1) Except where subsection (2) applies, investment firms shall make available to actual and intending investors such information concerning investor compensation as may be specified by the supervisory authority in a manner and form specified by the supervisory authority.

(2) Where a branch of an investment firm authorised or formerly authorised by the supervisory authority is established in another Member State in accordance with the provisions of the Investment Services Directive, the information provided for in subsection (1) shall be made available in the prescribed manner in the official language or languages of the Member State in which the branch is established.

(3) Except with the prior written consent of the supervisory authority, an investment firm shall not advertise or cause to be advertised the fact (however expressed) that monies or investment instruments placed with the investment firm are protected by or through an investor compensation fund.