Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act, 1998

Accommodation programme.

7.—(1) A relevant housing authority shall adopt as respects their functional area an accommodation programme not later than the date specified by the Minister, or within 21 days of that date as provided under section 13 , and shall specify in that accommodation programme the accommodation needs of travellers and the provision of accommodation required to address those needs for the period specified in section 10 (1).

(2) A relevant housing authority may adopt an accommodation programme together with one or more than one relevant housing authority for the functional areas of the relevant housing authorities concerned and subsections (1) and (3) and sections 8 to 15 shall apply to such adoption.

(3) The adoption of an accommodation programme or an amendment to or replacement of the accommodation programme by a relevant housing authority shall be a reserved function.

(4) The Minister shall specify a date for the adoption, by a relevant housing authority, of an accommodation programme.