Parental Leave Act, 1998

Postponement, curtailment and variation of parental leave by parties concerned.

10.—(1) Subject to this Act, when a confirmation document has been prepared and signed in accordance with section 9 , the employee concerned shall not be entitled to work in the employment concerned during the period of parental leave specified in the document.

(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), if, after the date of a confirmation document (whether or not the period of parental leave to which it relates has commenced), the employer concerned or his or her successor and the employee concerned so agree, the leave or part of it may be postponed to such time as may be so agreed upon, the period of such leave may be curtailed in such manner and to such extent as may be so agreed upon or the form of the leave may be varied in such manner as may be so agreed upon, and in such a case the confirmation document shall be amended accordingly.

(3) Where parental leave is curtailed under subsection (2) or Part IV , the parental leave not taken by reason of the curtailment may be taken at such other time as may be agreed upon by the parties concerned.