Urban Renewal Act, 1998

Monitoring of implementation of integrated area plans.

12.—(1) Where the Minister for Finance makes an order under section 372B of the Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997 , directing that an area or areas shall be a qualifying area for the purposes of one or more sections of Chapter 7 of Part 10 of that Act, the local authority or authorised company concerned shall make such arrangements as it considers appropriate in the particular circumstances for monitoring the implementation of the integrated area plan concerned and, in doing so, the authority or company shall have regard to such guidelines as may, from time to time, be issued by the Minister for the purposes of this section.

(2) A local authority or authorised company, as the case may be, shall, in relation to each year in which it causes the monitoring referred to in subsection (1) to be carried out, make, as soon as may be after the end of that year, a report in writing to the Minister of the results of that monitoring.

(3) In this section—

“integrated area plan concerned” means the integrated area plan, within the boundary of the area to which that plan relates the area or areas referred to in subsection (1) are situate;

“local authority or authorised company concerned” means the local authority or authorised company that prepared the integrated area plan concerned.