Employment Equality Act, 1998

Consequences of failure to supply information etc.

81.—If, in the course of proceedings on a reference under section 77 (3) or of an investigation under section 79 , it appears to the Circuit Court, the Director or the Labour Court, as the case may be—

(a) that the respondent failed to supply information which the complainant sought by questions under section 76 and which was in the respondent's possession or power, or

(b) that the information supplied by the respondent in response to any such question was false or misleading or was otherwise not such as the complainant might reasonably have required in order to make the decision referred to in section 76 (1),

the Circuit Court, the Director or the Labour Court (as the case may require) may draw such inferences as seem appropriate from the failure to supply the information or, as the case may be, for the supply of information as mentioned in paragraph (b).