Employment Equality Act, 1998

Assistance by Authority in connection with certain references.

67.—(1) A person who considers that—

(a) discrimination has been directed against the person by another person, or

(b) he or she has been adversely affected by the failure or refusal by another person—

(i) to comply with an equality clause or an equal remuneration term, or

(ii) to implement a decision, order or determination under this Part or a mediated settlement under section 78 ,

may make a request to the Authority for assistance in taking proceedings in respect of which redress is provided for under this Act.

(2) Where, having considered a request under subsection (1), the Authority is satisfied that the case to which the request relates raises an important matter of principle, or it appears to the Authority that it is not reasonable to expect the person making the request adequately to present the case without assistance, the Authority may at its discretion, and at any stage, provide assistance to the person—

(a) in making the reference or application, and

(b) in any proceedings resulting from or arising out of the reference or application.

(3) Assistance under this section shall be in such form as the Authority at its discretion thinks fit.

(4) Any function of the Authority under this section may be exercised by an officer of the Authority to whom the function is delegated and any such delegation may specify criteria or other guidelines by reference to which the Authority considers that the delegated function should be exercised.