Dublin Docklands Development Authority Act, 1997

Acquisition of land compulsorily by Authority.

27.—(1) The Authority may be authorised to acquire compulsorily land situated in the Dublin Docklands Area (other than land to which section 28 applies) for the purpose of performing any of the functions assigned to it by or under this Act by means of a compulsory purchase order made by the Authority and submitted to and confirmed by the Minister in accordance with section 76 of the Housing Act, 1966 , and the Third Schedule thereto.

(2) The provisions of the Housing Act, 1966 , shall apply in relation to the compulsory acquisition of land under subsection (1) as if it were an acquisition under Part V of that Act and for that purpose a reference to a housing authority shall be construed as a reference to the Authority.

(3) The Minister may by order make such provision as appears to the Minister to be necessary to enable this section, or an order made under this section, to have full effect.