Dublin Docklands Development Authority Act, 1997

Functions of Council.

20.—(1) For the purposes of section 18 , the Council shall—

(a) (i) in accordance with section 24 , arrange for the preparation of, and adopt, a master plan for the Dublin Docklands Area, and review and update the plan at least once in every five years,

(ii) monitor the implementation of the plan;

(b) where appropriate, submit to the Minister, in accordance with section 25 , a planning scheme or schemes for the Custom House Docks Area, or any part thereof, and any other area specified for that purpose by order under section 25 (1)(a);

(c) make, from time to time, such recommendations to the Executive Board as it considers appropriate in relation to—

(i) the implementation of the master plan, including recommendations as to priorities for expenditure and priorities for different elements of the work programme of the Authority,

(ii) the general staff requirements of the Authority, but excluding making recommendations concerning decisions in relation to particular posts, individual employees, pay, grading and conditions,

(iii) the promotion generally by the Authority of the Dublin Docklands Area, and the organisation of events or other activities for that purpose,

(iv) arrangements for liaison and co-ordination between the Authority, statutory bodies with an interest in the Dublin Docklands Area and organisations representing the interests of persons living, working or carrying on business in the Area, or any part thereof;

(d) review existing or proposed activities of the statutory bodies and organisations referred to in paragraph (c)(iv) by reference to the master plan and make such recommendations as it considers appropriate to any of those bodies and organisations with a view to ensuring consistency between the activities themselves, and between them and the master plan adopted under section 24 ;

(e) make, from time to time, such recommendations as it considers appropriate to the Minister, or to any other Minister of the Government, in relation to the functions of the Authority and its financing, the assignment to the Authority of additional functions, or any other matter which, in the opinion of the Council, is relevant to the effective performance by the Authority of its functions.

(2) The Council shall be entitled to be informed at each of its meetings about the work of the Executive Board, provided that disclosure of such information shall not be in breach of section 40 .