Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1997

Electronic recording of fingerprints and palmprints.

11.—(1) A power under any enactment, whether passed before or after the passing of this Act, to take the fingerprints or palmprints of any person shall include the power to record an image of that person's fingerprints or palmprints by electronic means or in any other manner.

(2) A photograph, or an image of any fingerprint or palmprint attached to or contained in a certificate purporting to be signed by the member who took such photograph or recorded such image and stating that—

(a) the said photograph is that of a specified person, or

(b) the said image is that of the fingerprint or palmprint, as the case may be, of a specified person,

and was taken or recorded, as the case may be, by the said member, shall, unless the contrary is proved, be evidence of the matters stated in the certificate.