Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1997


1.—(1) In this Act

“Act of 1924” means the Courts of Justice Act, 1924 ;

“Act of 1951” means the Criminal Justice Act, 1951 ;

“Act of 1967” means the Criminal Procedure Act, 1967 ;

“Act of 1994” means the Criminal Justice Act, 1994 ;

“member” means a member of the Garda Síochána.

(2) A reference in this Act to a subsection, paragraph or subparagraph is a reference to the subsection, paragraph or subparagraph of the provision in which the reference occurs, unless it is indicated that reference to some other provision is intended.

(3) A reference in this Act to an enactment shall be construed as a reference to that enactment as amended or adapted, whether before or after the commencement of this section, by or under any subsequent enactment, including this Act.