Electoral Act, 1997

Amendment of section 25 of Act of 1992.

81.—Section 25 of the Act of 1992 is hereby amended—

(a) by the insertion of the following subsection after subsection (10):

“(10A) Any doubt, dispute or question arising in connection with the particulars required to be entered in the Register of Political Parties pursuant to subsection (4) shall be decided by the appeal board and shall be deemed to be an appeal under subsection (9) and the provisions of paragraphs (d) to (g) of the said subsection (9) and paragraph (c) of subsection (10) shall apply to any such appeal.”;

(b) by the insertion in subsection (12), of the following words after “section”;

“and may, for the purposes of this subsection, further require that information so given shall be in the form of a statutory declaration”.