Electoral Act, 1997

Production of documents by Clerk of Dáil.

80.—(1) Section 130 of the Act of 1992 is hereby amended by the deletion of subsection (5) and the substitution of the following subsections:

“(5) Where an order of a court (including an order under subsection (1)) is made for the production by the Clerk of the Dáil of any document in that officer's possession relating to a Dáil election, the production of that document accompanied by the certificate of the Clerk that the document relates to the specified election shall be prima facie evidence of the fact so certified and it shall not be necessary to prove the signature of the Clerk or the official position of the person signing the certificate. Unless the court so orders, it shall not be necessary for the Clerk to attend in person to attest to any matter relating to the document or certificate.

(6) Any endorsement appearing on any packet produced pursuant to subsection (5) shall be, until the contrary is shown, sufficient evidence that the contents of the packet are as stated in the endorsement.”.

(2) Section 20 of the Act of 1997 is hereby amended by the substitution in subsection (5) for “pursuant to this section” of “of a court (including an order under subsection (1)).”.