Electoral Act, 1997

Presidential election donation statement.

48.—(1) Not later than the fifty sixth day after the polling day at a presidential election, the presidential election agent of each candidate at the election shall furnish to the Public Offices Commission a written statement, in the form directed by the said Commission, to be known, and is referred to in this Part, as a “presidential election donation statement”, indicating whether, in relation to the election, the candidate received a donation exceeding £500 in value including donations received at any time before the date of the order appointing polling day at the election and stating in respect of each such donation (if any)—

(a) the value of the donation, and

(b) the name, description and postal address of the person by or on whose behalf the donation was made.

(2) A statement furnished pursuant to subsection (1) shall be accompanied by a statutory declaration made by the presidential election agent concerned that, to the best of the agent's knowledge and belief, the statement is correct in every material respect and that the agent has taken all reasonable action in order to be satisfied as to the accuracy of the statement.

(3) It shall be the duty of the presidential election agent to make such enquiries and maintain such records as are necessary for the purpose of furnishing the said statement and making the declaration.