Electoral Act, 1997

Anonymous donations to presidential candidate.

47.—(1) A candidate at a presidential election shall not, directly or through any intermediary, accept a donation exceeding £100 in value unless the name and address of the person by or on whose behalf the donation is made are known to the candidate.

(2) Where, notwithstanding subsection (1), a donation, acceptance of which is prohibited by that subsection, is made to a candidate at a presidential election, the election agent of the candidate concerned shall, in the statement to be furnished under section 48 , include particulars of such donation and shall, at the same time as the statement under section 48 is furnished, remit the donation or the value thereof to the Public Offices Commission.

(3) The Public Offices Commission shall dispose of all moneys, property or goods received under subsection (2) in such manner as may be directed by the Minister for Finance.