Electoral Act, 1997

Payments to qualified parties.

17.—(1) Subject to the provisions of this Part, payments shall be made out of the Central Fund or the growing produce thereof to each qualified party which applies therefor.

(2) (a) The aggregate of the payments which may be made to qualified parties in any twelve monthly period under this Part shall not, subject to paragraph (b), exceed one million pounds.

(b) (i) Whenever, on or after the passing of this Act, there is a general increase of remuneration in the civil service with effect from a particular date, pursuant to agreements or arrangements having effect on a general basis in the civil service (whether or not they also apply in relation to persons employed other than in the civil service), the aggregate of the payments which may be made under this section shall be increased correspondingly with effect from that date.

(ii) In this paragraph “civil service” has the meaning assigned to it by the Civil Service Regulation Act, 1956 .

(3) The amount payable to qualified parties under subsection (2) shall be allocated to each qualified party in the same proportion as the total number of first preference votes obtained by every candidate of each such qualified party at the preceding general election bears to the total number of first preference votes obtained by candidates of all qualified parties at that election.

(4) As soon as may be after the declaration of the result of a general election is completed in each constituency, the Minister shall furnish to the Public Offices Commission and the Minister for Finance, in writing:

(a) particulars of the total percentage of first preference votes obtained at the election by candidates of each party referred to in section 16 calculated in accordance with paragraph (b) of the said section,

(b) the name of each candidate elected, and

(c) the name of each candidate who was not elected to whom the greatest number of votes credited at any stage of the counting of votes at the election exceeds one quarter of the quota,

as ascertained from the copy of the notice furnished to the Minister under section 127 (2) of the Act of 1992.

(5) Every payment made under this Part to a qualified party shall be exempt from income tax and shall not be reckoned in computing the income for the purposes of the Income Tax Acts of such party.