Universities Act, 1997


4.—(1) Without limiting its general application, but subject to subsection (2), this Act shall apply to—

(a) the constituent universities,

(b) Dublin City University,

(c) Trinity College,

(d) the University of Limerick, and

(e) such universities, if any, as are established under section 9 ,

as constituted from time to time, while they are institutions of higher education in receipt of moneys in accordance with the Higher Education Authority Act, 1971 .

(2) Sections 16 (1) to (7,) 21 (6), 22 , 23 , 32 and 33 shall not apply to or in relation to Trinity College unless the Minister, by order made not earlier than three years after the commencement of Part III , declares that those provisions apply, in which case they shall apply as if a reference to the commencement of Part III were a reference to the date on which the order came into operation.

(3) The Minister shall not make an order under subsection (2) if, within the period of three years referred to in that subsection a Private Act is passed by the Oireachtas amending, in a manner consistent with the purpose and substance of the sections mentioned in that subsection, the charters and letters patent under which Trinity College and the University of Dublin are incorporated.

(4) An order made under subsection (2) may amend the charters and letters patent referred to in subsection (3) in such manner consistent with the sections mentioned in subsection (2) as is provided in the order.