Universities Act, 1997


20.—(1) Where the Minister is of the opinion that there are reasonable grounds for contending that the functions of a university are being performed in a manner which prima facie constitutes a breach of the laws, statutes or ordinances applicable to the university, the Minister may, after first advising the governing authority of his or her opinion and considering any explanation given in response, and with the concurrence of the Government, request the Visitor to the university to inquire into any matter giving rise to the Minister's opinion.

(2) If the Visitor is satisfied that there are reasonable grounds for the Minister's opinion, the Visitor shall inquire into the matters giving rise to that opinion and any related matter and report to the Minister on the results of the inquiry.

(3) A Visitor shall, for the purposes of this section, be entitled at all reasonable times to enter a university to inquire into the academic or other affairs of the university or to conduct an inspection of the university and its buildings, equipment and records where the inspection is, in the opinion of the Visitor, relevant to his or her inquiries.

(4) A Visitor shall be afforded all reasonable co-operation and facility by the university, its employees and its governing authority, including access to such buildings, equipment and records as the Visitor may require, to enable the Visitor to perform his or her functions under this section.