Fisheries (Amendment) Act, 1997

Review of aquaculture licences.

70.—(1) The Minister may, on the application of the licensee made at any time after the expiration of a period of three years commencing on the granting of the licence or its last renewal under section 19 , review an aquaculture licence.

(2) On completion of a review under subsection (1), the Minister may decide to—

(a) alter any or all of the terms of the licence,

(b) amend or delete any condition to which the licence is subject,

(c) attach conditions or additional conditions to the licence, or

(d) do none or all or any of those things.

(3) Part III shall apply to the decision of the Minister on an application for a review of an aquaculture licence in the same manner as it applies to a decision of the Minister on an application for an aquaculture licence.

(4) The application regulations may provide for such procedural matters in relation to applications for reviews of aquaculture licences and decisions on such applications, including the application of environmental impact assessment requirements, as the Minister considers necessary or expedient.