Fisheries (Amendment) Act, 1997

Effect of licence.

16.—(1) A licence is binding on the State and on all persons whomsoever, and, subject to section 8 (3), shall operate to enable the licensee to carry on, in accordance with the licence, such operations as are specified in the licence, free from all prior or other rights, titles, estates or interests, if any.

(2) In addition to his or her entitlement under subsection (1), and notwithstanding anything contained in the Fisheries Acts, 1959 to 1995, or any instrument under those Acts, a licensee and any person acting under the directions of a licensee shall, by virtue of, but subject to the conditions of, the licence and the requirements of any regulations made under section 71 , have the exclusive right to do within the boundaries or limits specified in the licence anything authorised by the licence or necessary or expedient to conduct the operations specified in the licence.