European Parliament Elections Act, 1997

Nomination of candidates and replacement candidates.

12.—(1) At a European election a person may nominate himself or herself as a candidate or may, with his or her consent, be nominated by another person (being a person registered as a European elector in the constituency for which the person proposes to nominate the candidate) as proposer.

(2) At a European election—

(a) a registered political party, and

(b) a person who in relation to the election is a non-party candidate,

may, subject to and in accordance with rules 17, 18 and 19 of the Second Schedule , nominate one or more persons, with the consent of the person or persons concerned, to be as regards the election replacement candidates.

(3) Subject to rule 17(b) of the Second Schedule , a person who is a candidate at a European election shall be eligible for nomination as a replacement candidate.

(4) At a European election a person may not be nominated as a candidate or as a replacement candidate in respect of more than one constituency.