Credit Union Act, 1997

Acknowledgement or refusal of registration.

8.—(1) If the Registrar is satisfied that a society which has made an application for registration as a credit union has complied with the provisions of this Act as to such registration, the Registrar shall issue to the society, as a credit union, an acknowledgement of registration assigning it a registered number.

(2) Unless the contrary is shown, an acknowledgement of registration issued under subsection (1) shall be sufficient evidence that the society concerned is registered as a credit union.

(3) If the Registrar refuses to register as a credit union a society which has made an application for registration, he shall notify the society accordingly and, if the society is aggrieved by the Registrar's decision, it may apply to the Court for a review of that decision.

(4) If, on an application under subsection (3), the Court considers that the decision of the Registrar should not be confirmed, the Court may give such directions as it thinks appropriate (whether to the Registrar or otherwise) for the purpose of resolving the matter.

(5) The Registrar shall enter the name of every credit union in a register maintained for the purposes of this Act (being a continuation of the register kept for the purposes of the Act of 1966).