Trade Marks Act, 1996

Power of Minister to make rules.

81.—(1) The Minister may make rules—

(a) for the purposes of any provision of this Act authorising the making of rules with respect to any matter; and

(b) for prescribing anything authorised or required by any provision of this Act to be prescribed,

and generally for regulating practice and procedure under this Act.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), provision may, in particular, be made by rules under this section—

(a) as to the manner of filing of applications and other documents;

(b) requiring and regulating the translation of documents and the filing and authentication of any translation;

(c) as to the service of documents;

(d) authorising the rectification of irregularities of procedure; and

(e) prescribing time limits for anything required to be done in connection with any proceeding under this Act, and providing for the extension of any such limit (whether or not it has already expired).