Trade Marks Act, 1996

Information about applications and registered trade marks.

70.—(1) After publication of an application for registration of a trade mark, the Controller shall on request provide a person with such information as may be prescribed and permit him to inspect such documents as may be prescribed relating to the application or to any registered trade mark resulting from it.

(2) A request for the purposes of subsection (1) must be made in the prescribed manner and be accompanied by the appropriate fee (if any).

(3) Before publication of an application for registration of a trade mark, documents or information constituting or relating to the application shall not be published by the Controller or communicated by the Controller to any person except—

(a) in such classes of case and to such extent as may be prescribed; or

(b) with the consent of the applicant;

but subject to the following provisions of this section.

(4) Where a person has been notified—

(a) that an application for registration of a trade mark has been made, and

(b) that the applicant will if the application is granted bring proceedings against that person in respect of acts done after publication of the application,

that person may make a request under subsection (1) notwithstanding that the application has not been published and that subsection shall apply accordingly.