Health (Amendment) (No. 3) Act, 1996

Determination by Minister of net expenditure limits for a health board.

5.—(1) Subject to subsection (2), the Minister shall, in respect of a financial year of a health board, determine the maximum amount of net expenditure that may be incurred by the board for that financial year and shall notify the board in writing of the amount so determined not more than 21 days after the publication by the Government of the Estimates for Supply Services for that financial year.

(2) (a) A determination to which this section relates may, if the Minister considers it appropriate that it should do so in any particular case, relate to such period (other than the financial year of the health board concerned) as may be specified in the relevant notification under this section.

(b) The Minister shall not specify under paragraph (a) a period beginning before the 1st day of January, 1997.

(3) The Minister may amend a determination under subsection (1) by varying the maximum amount of net expenditure that a health board may incur for a particular financial year and, if the Minister so varies that amount, he or she shall notify the health board concerned in writing of the extent of the amendment as soon as may be and the determination shall apply and have effect as so amended.