National Standards Authority of Ireland Act, 1996


Standard Specifications and Standard Marks

Standard specifications.

16.—(1) The Authority shall formulate for the Minister specifications for such commodities, processes and practices as the Minister may from time to time request.

(2) In formulating specifications under subsection (1) the Authority shall comply with the directions of the Minister.

(3) The Authority, on formulating a specification, may, with the consent of the Minister, declare it to be a standard specification for the commodity, process or practice to which it relates.

(4) Where, under any other enactment, any Minister of the Government is authorised to prescribe a specification or standard of quality of Irish origin for any commodity, process or practice, or to issue licences for the sale or advertisement of any commodity, the Minister shall not consent to the declaration of a standard specification in respect thereof except with the consent of that Minister.

(5) The Authority may, with the consent of the Minister, revoke or amend a standard specification.

(6) The specifications declared or deemed to have been declared by orders made under section 20 of the Act of 1961 which were in force immediately before the commencement of this Act shall be deemed to have been declared under this section.

(7) Except as provided in this Act, no person shall establish, accept, adopt, publish or place on the market in relation to a product, process or practice any document which purports, expressly or by implication, to be an Irish Standard Specification.

(8) A person who contravenes subsection (7) shall, subject to section 30 (3), be guilty of an offence.

(9) An Irish Standard Specification may (without prejudice to any other mode of citation) be cited in an Act, regulation or bye-law by the title and number given to it by the Authority and any such citation shall (unless the context otherwise requires) be deemed to include and refer to the latest Irish Standard Specification with that citation (together with any modification of it) promulgated by the Authority before the relevant Act was enacted or the relevant regulation or bye-law made.