Metrology Act, 1996


Legal Metrology Service

Establishment of Legal Metrology Service and Office of Director of Legal Metrology.

7.—(1) The Minister shall by order appoint a day to be the establishment day for the purposes of this Part.

(2) On the establishment day there shall stand established a body to be known as the Legal Metrology Service (“the Service”) within Forbairt, and the First and Second Schedules to the Industrial Development Act, 1993 , shall have effect accordingly.

(3) The staff of Forfás shall include a chief officer for the Service who shall be known as the Director of Legal Metrology.

(4) Forbairt shall exercise its functions under this Act through the Director who shall be appointed by the Board of Forbairt with the approval of the Minister and shall hold office on such terms and conditions (including remuneration) as that Board, with the concurrence of the Minister and the Minister for Finance, may approve. The first Director shall be appointed to hold office from the establishment day.

(5) The Director shall carry out such functions as are assigned to the officer by this Act or by regulations thereunder.

(6) The Director shall furnish to the Minister such information regarding the performance of his or her functions as the Minister may from time to time request.