Metrology Act, 1996


4.—(1) Under the powers conferred by section 38 of the Industrial Research and Standards Act, 1961 , Forbairt may, with the consent of the Minister, charge fees for type examination, approval, verification, inspection, certification, hiring of standards and other services provided by the Service under this Act.

(2) On the coming into effect of the fees under subsection (1) the enactments listed in Part IV of the First Schedule shall stand repealed.

(3) Where a person fails to pay any fee payable under this Act within 21 days of issue of a request for payment, an inspector may attach seals, or any other prescribed device, to prevent the use of the instrument in respect of which the fee is payable until such fee is paid.

(4) Any person who fails to pay the fee referred to in subsection (3) within 90 days of issue of a request for payment shall be guilty of an offence.