Metrology Act, 1996

Conformity assessment procedures.

14.—(1) Instruments intended for use for any prescribed purpose, including public weighing and measuring equipment referred to in section 26 , shall be subject to the procedures (“conformity assessment procedures”) prescribed by the Director.

(2) Conformity assessment procedures, including any conditions applicable thereto, together with the types of instruments subject to the various elements of the procedure, may include type approval, verification and unit verification and may contain such provisions as are considered necessary relating to revocation of any certification.

(3) All type approval certificates and verifications which are valid immediately before the establishment date shall continue to be valid on or after that date for such period as may be prescribed under subsection (1).

(4) On the written request of the supplier or user, any instrument not intended for use for a prescribed purpose, may, at the discretion of the Director, be subject to any or all of the conformity assessment procedures.