Transport (Dublin Light Rail) Act, 1996

Compulsory acquisition of land.

13.—(1) Upon the commencement of a light railway order the Board shall thereupon be authorised to acquire compulsorily any land or rights in, under or over land specified in the order and, for that purpose, the light railway order shall have effect as if it were a compulsory purchase order referred to in subsection (1) of section 10 of the Local Government (No. 2) Act, 1960 (as inserted by section 86 of the Housing Act, 1966 ), which has been duly made and confirmed and, accordingly, that section shall apply and have effect in relation to the order with the modifications that—

(a) references to the local authority shall be construed as references to the Board,

(b) references to the Minister for the Environment shall be construed as references to the Minister,

(c) the reference in subsection (4) (a) to section 78 of the Housing Act, 1966 , shall be construed as a reference to subsections (1), (4) and (5) of that section,

and with any other necessary modifications.

(2) Where the Board proposes to acquire land pursuant to subsection (1) and, in the opinion of the Board, it is more efficient and economical to acquire additional adjoining land, the Board may do so with the consent of the Minister and of any person having an interest in or right in, under or over the adjoining land notwithstanding the fact that the adjoining land is not specified in a light railway order.