Transport (Dublin Light Rail) Act, 1996

Notification of grant of light railway order.

11.—As soon as may be after the making of a light railway order, the Board shall—

(a) deposit and keep deposited at the head office of the Board and at such other place as may be specified by the Minister during the period of 5 years following the opening for traffic of the light railway a copy of the order and the plan referred to therein and the aforesaid order and plan shall, while so deposited, be open to inspection by members of the public free of charge at all reasonable times and copies of or extracts from any of the documents aforesaid may be purchased on payment of a fee to the Board not exceeding the reasonable cost of making such copies or extracts,

(b) serve a copy of relevant extracts from the light railway order and the plan referred to therein on every planning authority for the area (or any part thereof) to which the order relates and to every (if any) occupier and every (if any) owner of land referred to in the light railway order.