Refugee Act, 1996

“Programme refugees”.

24.—(1) In this section “a programme refugee” means a person to whom leave to enter and remain in the State for temporary protection or resettlement as part of a group of persons has been given by the Government and whose name is entered in a register established and maintained by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, whether or not such person is a refugee within the meaning of the definition of “refugee” in section 2 .

(2) A programme refugee shall, during such period as he or she is entitled to remain in the State pursuant to leave given by the Government, be entitled to the rights and privileges specified in section 3 .

(3) Subject to subsection (4), the Minister may, on application in writing in that behalf and on payment to the Minister of such fee (if any) as may be prescribed with the consent of the Minister for Finance, issue to a programme refugee a travel document identifying the holder thereof as a programme refugee.

(4) The Minister may, in the interest of national security or public policy (“ordre public”), refuse to issue a travel document.

(5) A travel document shall be in such form as may be prescribed or in a form to the like effect.

(6) A person who applies to the Minister for a travel document under this section shall furnish to the Minister such information (if any) as the Minister may reasonably require for the purpose of his or her functions under this section.