Refugee Act, 1996

Recommendations and reports of Commissioner.

13.—(1) Where the Commissioner carries out an investigation under section 11 , he or she shall, subject to section 12 , as soon as may be, prepare a report in writing of the results of the investigation and such a report shall set out the findings of the Commissioner together with his or her recommendation whether the applicant concerned should or, as the case may be, should not be declared to be a refugee, and shall furnish the report to the Minister.

(2) (a) The Commissioner shall, when furnishing a report under subsection (1) to the Minister, send a copy thereof to the applicant concerned, to his or her solicitor (if known), and to the High Commissioner.

(b) Where a report under subsection (1) includes a recommendation that the applicant should not be declared to be a refugee, the Commissioner shall furnish a copy thereof to the Appeal Board and shall at the same time send to the applicant a notice in writing stating that the applicant may appeal to the Appeal Board under section 16 against the recommendation and may request an oral hearing within 21 days from the sending of the notice.