Powers of Attorney Act, 1996

Effect and proof of registration.

11.—(1) The effect of the registration of an instrument is that—

(a) no revocation of the power by the donor shall be valid unless and until the court confirms the revocation under section 12 (3);

(b) no disclaimer of the power shall be valid except on notice to the donor and with the consent of the court;

(c) the donor may not extend or restrict the scope of the authority conferred by the instrument and no consent orinstruction given by the donor after registration shall, in the case of a consent, confer any right and, in the case of an instruction, impose or confer any obligation or right on or create any liability of the attorney or other persons having notice of the consent or instruction.

(2) Subsection (1) applies for so long as the instrument is registered whether or not the donor is for the time being mentally capable.

(3) On registration of an enduring power the Registrar of Wards of Court shall supply an attested copy of the enduring power to the donor and any persons who were given notice under paragraph 2 of the First Schedule of the application for registration.

(4) Members of the public may inspect the register free of charge during normal office hours.

(5) A document purporting to be a copy, attested by an officer of the Office of Wards of Court, of an instrument registered under this Act shall be evidence of the contents of the instrument and of the fact that it has been so registered.

(6) Subsection (5) is without prejudice to section 21 (proof by certified copies) and to any other method of proof authorised by law.