Harbours Act, 1996



Dissolution of certain harbour authorities and pilotage authorities.

81.—(1) A harbour authority of a harbour in respect of which a company is established pursuant to section 7 shall stand dissolved on the relevant vesting day and such dissolution shall, subject to subsection (2), include the dissolution of the harbour authority in their capacity as a pilotage authority.

(2) If the day on which section 56 commences in relation to a company is subsequent to the relevant vesting day the harbour authority of the company's harbour shall, notwithstanding subsection (1), continue in existence in their capacity as a pilotage authority on and from the relevant vesting day but shall stand dissolved in that capacity on the commencement of section 56 in relation to the company.

(3) As respects a harbour authority that, by virtue of subsection (2), is continued in existence in the capacity referred to in that subsection—

(a) the company established pursuant to section 7 in respect of the harbour of the harbour authority may make such contributions, as with the consent of the Minister it may determine, towards the expenses which the harbour authority incurs, on and from the relevant vesting day, in acting in the said capacity,

(b) the Minister may appoint a person to fill a casual vacancy arising among the members of the harbour authority on or after the said vesting day and may, by order, make provision for any other matter in relation to the constitution or the administration generally of that authority where the making of such provision is necessary to enable them to act duly in the said capacity.